September & October Life Updates: Upwork Deactivation, Stocks & Birthday Plans!

Hi, everyone! It's been a month since you haven't heard about me. Gosh, I missed blogging! I took time off because of my freelance job took more of my schedule. But now I am back and will be more active here (hopefully).

I have so many stories to share with you guys let's start off with my stupid action that I did on Upwork. This is sad news because my account has been deactivated permanently on the website. Here's the story: 

I message one of my clients to work outside of Upwork; little did I know that our conversations are filtered by the web admin. I received a notification that I got banned because I violate their "terms and conditions". I have panic attack when I read their email because I haven't cashed out my money there.

I am really scared that I will no longer transfer the funds to my local bank account. I thought all of my hard works and sleepless nights will put to wastes. Luckily, I can still access my profile and I wasted no time cashing out the money. A sigh of relief is what I felt when I see the money from Upwork reflected on my bank account. No more freelance job for me now, therefore, more time to blog! Haha.

I plan to use the money that I got to buy color paints. Do you remember my house renovation stories which I shared on houserenovation update 1 and house renovation update 2? It is not completed yet because I run out funds but now I have the budget to do it. So yeah, I'm still thankful after a series of unfortunate events from Upwork. 

Anyhow, one of my friends told me to try I signed up an account but I'm not that active on looking for side line right now because I got exhausted juggling 3 clients last month. I plan to rest for now and focus on my full time job.

If you're an avid reader of my blog, October is special month to me because I will be celebrating my birthday. Aside from using the funds on beautifying our house, I will also treat myself by buying new shoes, bags or perhaps make-ups that are still amenable to my budget. I will be turning 17th years old guys!!! LOL. Okay, I'm just joking. I'm 17 years old 10 years ago. Just do the math and you'll get my current age but shhhhh it's our secret.

With my updates on my stocks, to be honest, I haven't put attention to it these past few months but I'm surprised that I earned a cash dividend when I logged in into my COL account today. 

Overall, there is more good news than bad news that happened to my life while I'm away here. What about you? What happened to your life during the month of September and this month in terms of work, budget or whatnot? Share your stories at the comment box below. I want to read them! 

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August 2016 Life Lately: House Update, PH Stocks & Personal Life

Hey, all! I finally have the time to write an update to my blog. Yahoo! To my few readers, thank you for still keeping in touch with me.
Our house renovation is 90% complete while the remaining 10% is put on hold because I hit my budget constraint and I can't afford yet to buy paint materials. I’m planning to push through the incomplete task by November. The bad news is I use all the money on my emergency fund.  Boo. So yeah I'm starting again on building my saving/emergency fund. But I am not complaining because seeing our home before and after the renovation is a big accomplishment for me. I can now say that one of my goals is turning into a reality, one step at a time. Naks! You can read my previous post where I share about our house renovation dilemma here. 
Before the house renovation

After the renovation
About my stocks, I sold some during the first week of August 2016 (Ghost month) and earn a little from it. The funny thing is when I sold my stocks the price went high that I totally regret selling them but as they say an investor should be unemotional and move on once his/her stocks are sold. A gain is a gain! If you are curious how much I received, it is way higher compared to the interest that I get from the bank. If I have readers who are thinking to invest on stock market I recommend start now! But be reminded that you should never put all your savings on the stock market, instead set aside a portion of your money for emergencies.
Currently I have two stocks which are red right now. I'm  hoping it will turn green next month.
Aside from my full-time job, I’m also freelancing on Upwork. I am lucky I bagged a long term project from one client in Texas. So yeah, I have deal with my time management now since I have extra job to do at home. So many works so little time. Sigh. Sus, ako na busy! Charot. My budget plan is the same as before, I still in charge of making financial arrangements at home. I find it relaxing whenever I do grocery shopping. Well except when it’s time to pay the bills at the counter! Haha.

What about you? How's your August month so far? Share your stories in the comment box below. I hope it is more interesting than mine!

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Life Lately: Job Promotion, House Renovation & PH Stocks!

Hello there! Yes, I'm alive. It's been two months since my last update here on my blog due to circumstance beyond my control. Don't worry it's all good news that happened to me while I'm away.

First, is I got promoted at work to a senior position! I'm very surprised about what happened because I’m not expecting it at all. Thank you, Lord! This is a very big boost in my career. I’m currently supervising two junior employees and giving them daily tasks that they need to complete within the day. I'll be honest that I’m still grasping on my leadership skill but on the other hand I'm enjoying my new role as a senior specialist.

Another good news is, we are now renovating our house! I think the Lord answered my prayers thru job promotion for me to have an extra budget. It came just in time, I plan to put the additional salary increment on upgrading our house. It started last May 16 and we’re halfway through it. Our place is really messy right now and disorganizes furniture is  everywhere.

Dust is everywhere due to cement, hollow blocks and dismantled walls. See picture below:
Excuse my feet. Dusty floor and unorganized furniture
Hopefully by the second week of June our house is completely done. I’m crossing my fingers for this one. Furthermore, I’m also praying that the allotted budget is enough to cover the expenses though I already applied for SSS salary loan so that we can also replace our old ceiling with a newer one. In preparation for the rainy season and typhoons.

One last thing, the best news so far was my youngest sibling graduated from college last April 2016! As her big sister, I am very proud of her accomplishment. My parents are beyond happy too!

Anyhow about my stock portfolio, it is still in the sea of red but there were two stocks that are green. I’m wishing that the Philippine economy will become bullish for the succeeding months to come so that I have a higher return on investment. Naks! Fumi’feeling investor ako. Hehe.

So yeah, that’s the reason behind my long absence here on my blog. Hopefully, you still visiting my page even if I am not active here. How about you? What keeps you busy this month? Share your stories in the comment section below. I want to read them.

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Pisobilities: 10 Financial Commandments

Hello, my dear readers! I hope you're all doing well and financially stable this first quarter of 2016. I apologize for my long absence here in my blog because I'm hella busy doing office works, job-hunting, and budgeting. To sum it out I'm going nuts but let's not talk about it right now. Hehe.

Anyhow, I want to share with you 10 financial commandments that I learned from Pisobilities; it is a financial show I frequently watch here in the Philippines thru UNTV channel. I am an avid viewer of the show and the main host Mr. Francisco Colayco shares awesome tips that I try to exercise in my money woes. I hope reading below 10 lists will inspire you to be financially free from expenses and start building your emergency fund.

1. Pay yourself first - save, save and save!

2. Define your financial target at each life phase:

-Start-up stage: 3 months cash reserve
-Build-up stage: 6 months cash reserve
-Asset Allocation stage: 5 years of cash reserve

3. Stop spending on things that will decline in value

4. Protect your greatest income generating asset (YOU),  seek for protection like insurance: term life insurance and hospital insurance

5. Grow with the economy and beat inflation

6. Trust the power of compound interest

7. Assess risks and options:

Remember: The higher the return, the higher the risk!

8. The power of leverage

9. Invest and diversify

10. Make use of the power of one:

-Mutual funds

I hope you learn something after reading this entry and inspire you to start saving now! Do you have any financial show that you watch right now or do you have any financial guru that you follow? Share it in the comment section below.

5 Things to Consider Before Using Credit Cards

Credit cards and credit in general can be scary for some people! Being informed before you make any rash decisions, like signing up for a store credit card for that flash sale discount, is very important. Remember that knowledge is power and with the right knowledge credit cards can be a great tool for you. You can collect points, build your credit score and get those awesome discounts and rewards as long as you’re responsible. Below are five very important things you should consider before starting to use a credit card.

1. Understand the Terms and Conditions

We all like instant gratification and we tend to rush into things without fully reading all the details! Don’t do that with credit cards because it can really hurt you later on. Grab your magnifying glass because you may need it to read the fine print on the applications. According to Credit Card Insider, “This is where you’ll find the hidden fees, interest caveats, like balance transfer fees and rates on cash advances and international charges. Also buried here are the details on blackout dates and exclusions.”

2. How Much Does the Card Cost?

If you’re responsible and get a card that has no annual fee, the ability to use credit to your advantage will cost you nothing! If your card has an annual fee of say 1,000php though and you carry balances month to month, you could easily be forking over several hundred or more a year to the credit card company. Make sure you factor in your interest rate and any annual fees for the privilege of using their card.

3. Cash Advances are Dangerous

It’s money that can be accessed in a pinch, but it’s definitely not free! Your cash advance feature on most credit cards allows you to withdraw money at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) but it’s often tied to an entirely different interest rate. This interest rate can be drastically higher than your annual purchase rate. Use this feature with extreme caution and only in emergency situations.

4. Know Your Credit Limit

If you’re new to credit cards, chances are you have little to no credit history. If that’s the case you’ll likely be given a small credit limit of around 15,000php to 30,000php. This isn’t bad because it allows you to start small and be responsible. Your credit score however is calculated by your repayment history and how much of your credit you are currently using compared to how much is free. If you pay off the entire balance every month you don’t have to worry, but if you carry a large balance each month (e.g. 75% of the limit) this can hurt your credit over time.

5. Credit Cards Are a Tool

It’s important to remember that credit cards come with a lot of responsibility and are a tool for you to use. It’s easy to abuse them and you can find yourself in trouble very quickly through impulse buying and worrying about balances later on. Use credit cards as a tool to reap rewards and other benefits and be responsible with paying on time and keeping balances low. If that’s your mindset you will have no problem racking up points and using them to your advantage.

What about you? Do you have any tips before considering to use credit cards? Share your comments below!

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6 Great Ways to Celebrate Valentines without spending Money

Valentines day will be happening this Sunday and since this is a financial blog I thought this is a perfect time to share some ways to impress a girl without hurting your budget. Furthermore showing your affection with your special someone shouldn't that expensive, right? Let's begin on the list.

1. Love letter

It may sound old school but this sweet gesture is surely the best way to get her attention to show her about your love. Add some your creativity   juice by writing poems or cheesy lines.

2. Flowers

If your mom has a garden and she has flowering plants you can simply pick some of them and give it to your girlfriend. Daisies, carnations, roses or yellow bell will do.

3. Movie Marathon

Download romantic movies before the V-day then invite your girlfriend for a movie marathon date. Don't forget to buy chips or popcorn to fill her tummy too. I would recommend movies such as love Rosie, Titanic, 500 days of summer, The perks of being a wallflower and so much more!

4. Cook her a meal

If you know how to cook then use it to impress the girl you love. Prepare her a luscious meal that she likes. This gesture is super "kilig" moves! If you can also bake then make her cookies or cupcakes.

5. Local Chocolates

Who said that you need to buy imported chocolates to impress your girl?! Why not try our local chocolates and add sweet notes in it.

6. Serenade Her

This "kilig" move is sure hit-- if you have that golden voice. Sing your lungs out to your special girl on that special day! It will earn you 100 cute points in her heart.

I hope my recommendation can help you in a simple way on V-day with your partner. Happy Valentines Day Guys!

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How to Apply for Meralco Residential Connection

As I promise on my previous post, I will share to you guys how to apply for Meralco residential service connection, if ever you are applying for one then this entry can help you. Okay, I'll cut this flowery introduction to begin with the process.

Start by preparing these important papers or documents listed below:

-Photocopy of the lot title
-Photocopy of one valid ID (I use my unified SSS ID with this one).
-Meralco application form and fill up the necessary information. You can download the form here.

Proceed to the nearest Meralco Business center in your area. I applied mine at Meralco's Market, Market Taguig branch. The attendant there is nice plus there’s no long line since I went there pretty early like 9 in the morning!

The Meralco attendant screens my form and I was given a paper containing a list of requirements that I need to get from our barangay and city hall. I was also given a service application letter and was ask to wait for 2-3 days for their electrician to inspect our house.  After the inspection I was given a yellow card like this image below.
1st photo: Meralco's yellow card, top part photo: the final application form to be given by Meralco and our first power bill. Please click the image to enlarge so that you can see it clearly. I know, I know I have the crappiest photo.
After my visit in Meralco business center, I started processing the wiring permit in our barangay. I shell out 100php for the permit before I went to the city hall to process additional permits.

Processing papers at the city hall has taken me several visitations at the place to complete my requirements. Anyhow, here are the requirements that I brought there:

-photocopy of wiring permit from the barangay
-latest RPT (Real Property Tax) well in my case I need to pay in the assessor's office for this one because the last time that we've paid for property tax was in 2013. You will also need to photocopy it. In my case, I photocopied the receipt
-photocopy of lot title
-photocopy of valid ID
-photocopy of the yellow tag from Meralco
-a payment of 100php for the notary public for electrical connection something

The local government electrical engineer inspects our house after 2-3 days. Then he informed me to go to the city hall again to pay for the wiring permit and CFEI. I also need to submit a printed picture of our electrical circuit breaker. Here's the receipt of the amount I've paid. I also pay an additional 150pesos for the signature of their professional electrical engineer which is not included in the receipt.
The total amount is 1,848 plus I also paid for 150 pesos for the signature fee of the professional electrical engineer
Take note: service application is held during Monday-Friday at the Meralco business center excluding Saturday because it is limited to paying off bills. 

Bring the necessary papers at the Meralco and wait for the final inspection. The electrician will checked the circuit breaker and wires. After that, I need to go to Meralco business center again to pay for advance monthly bill. I paid around 1,420php then I waited for the Meralco guys to installed the electricity in our house and I'm done!

Over all I shelled out 10,000 pesos for everything because I also bought a circuit breaker, 35 meters extra wire, fees for the wiring permit, jeepney fares, photocopy, meal and etc. Not bad for someone who is a first timer processing papers by herself. Actually I know someone who can do it for me aka fixer but I need to pay them 15,000 pesos for their service. Additional wires is not yet included there so yeah, I am very proud of myself.

If you  have any questions about processing Meralco residential connection feel free to post them at the comment section below.

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